Pt Supported TiO2-Nanofibers and TiO2-Nanopowder as Catalysts for Glycerol Oxidation
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 2016
Svetlana Čornaja, Elīna Sīle, Reinis Drunka, Jānis Grabis, Dzidra Jankoviča, Janis Kunakovs, Konstantīns Dubencovs, Svetlana Žižkuna, Vera Serga

Novel TiO2 nanofiber supported platinum catalysts Pt/NF-TiO2 were synthesized and compared with TiO2 nanopowder supported catalysts Pt/NP-TiO2 in selective glycerol oxidation. It was found that Pt/NF-TiO2 and Pt/NP-TiO2 composites are catalytically active in alkaline glycerol solutions; glyceric acid is obtained as the main product of reaction. Catalyst activity and selectivity dependency on NaOH initial concentration, oxygen pressure and n(glycerol)/n(Pt) ratio were studied. Selectivity to glyceric acid of 63 % with full glycerol conversion and selectivity of 68 % with 95 % glycerol conversion is obtained correspondingly over Pt/NF-TiO2 and Pt/NP-TiO2 catalysts

Biodiesel, Glycerol, Oxidation, Pt,Catalysts

Čornaja, S., Sīle, E., Drunka, R., Grabis, J., Jankoviča, D., Kunakovs, J., Dubencovs, K., Žižkuna, S., Serga, V. Pt Supported TiO2-Nanofibers and TiO2-Nanopowder as Catalysts for Glycerol Oxidation. Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, 2016, Vol.119, Iss.2, pp.569-584. ISSN 1878-5190. e-ISSN 1878-5204. Available from: doi:10.1007/s11144-016-1067-9

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