Preparation and Characterisation of Biomaterials based on Titanium Dioxide Ceramics
Inga Narkevica

14.12.2016. 15:00, Paula Valdena iela 3, 272.auditorijā

Jurijs Ozoliņš

Jānis Grabis, Andrejs Skaģers, Aldo R. Boccaccini

PhD thesis “Preparation and characterization of biomaterials based on titanium dioxide ceramic” are devoted to the characterization of physical properties of TiO2 ceramic and preparation, modification and characterization of highly porous scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration. PhD thesis consists of an introduction, three main chapters (literature review, materials and methods, results and discussion), conclusions, a list of sources used, and appendices. The literature review, covering a period from 1963 till 2016, summarizes information about bone tissue engineering and bone remodeling process, biomaterials used in bone tissue engineering, preparation of highly porous ceramic, TiO2 properties and application, as well as biomaterial interaction with surrounding environment in the body. Second chapter describes materials and methods used to achieve the aim and tasks of PhD thesis. Third chapter summarizes and analyses obtained results. The impact of TiO2 thermal treatment on physical properties (density, porosity, sintering process, phase transformation, electrical and surface properties) as well as in vitro properties (bioactivity, protein sorption and bacteria adhesion/colonisation) of obtained ceramic is described. Second part is devoted to the optimization of processing parameters in order to obtain highly porous TiO2 ceramic scaffolds and to the characterization of obtained scaffolds. Third part summarizes modification possibilities of TiO2 ceramic scaffolds. PhD thesis is written in Latvian and consists of 162 pages. The thesis contains 104 figures, 20 tables, 38 equations, and 7 appendices, and there are 193 sources of reference used.

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Narkevica, Inga. Preparation and Characterisation of Biomaterials based on Titanium Dioxide Ceramics. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2016. 162 p.

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