Robust Shape Optimization of Composite Structure Using Metamodels
Engineering Optimization IV 2015
Aleksandrs Januševskis, Anatolijs Meļņikovs, Jānis Januševskis

In this work previously developed methods and original code tool KEDRO for nondeterministic optimization problems have been tested first on two truss bar problem and then applied to the shape optimization of the new composite pallet structure. Sensitivity analyses for probabilistic performances are given. Deterministic structural shape optimization problem of pallet stiffness ribs is solved in the first stage. Next more accurate solution is found using robust optimization approach: taking into account random uncertainty in pallet structure supporting conditions. The obtained shapes are compared with deterministic optimization cases and appropriate solution for design of pallet is proposed.

Shape optimization,vcomposite structure, metamodels

Januševskis, A., Meļņikovs, A., Januševskis, J. Robust Shape Optimization of Composite Structure Using Metamodels. In: Engineering Optimization IV. London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2015, pp.715-720. ISBN 978-1-138-02725-1.

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