Energy Accumulation Using Encapsulated Phase Change Materials with Recycled Material Components
Energy Procedia 2016
Ance Ansone, Miķelis Dzikēvičs, Aivars Žandeckis

Phase change materials (PCM) are often used for solar energy accumulation. PCMs have large latent heat capacity, which is why they are suitable for energy storage. Solar radiation is cyclic, so it is important for storage materials to have quick response time, when the temperature of the environment is changing. An advantage of PCMs is that they allow to accumulate not only sensible, but also latent energy during phase change, however PCM also has a problem - low thermal conductivity, which needs to be improved. To improve energy accumulation, PCM can be mixed with materials that have better thermal conductivity, for example metals or graphite, but these composite materials can be expensive. To reduce costs of encapsulated PCM spheres, recycled materials can be used. There are several publications on energy related calculations, but none of them involve energy accumulation using encapsulated PCM together with recycled material components. In this research experiments are carried out with recycled graphite powder and steel spirals from a local industrial enterprise which has these materials as waste, to see how recycled components affect energy accumulation for encapsulated PCM.

solar energy; PCM; sphere; paraffin wax; thermal accumulation; graphite
International Scientific Conference “Environmental and Climate Technologies”, CONECT 2015

Ansone, A., Dzikēvičs, M., Žandeckis, A. Energy Accumulation Using Encapsulated Phase Change Materials with Recycled Material Components. Energy Procedia, 2016, Vol.95, pp.153-158. ISSN 1876-6102. Available from: doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2016.09.037

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