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Publikācija: Kid with Speech Delay and Language Competence Empiric Solution

Publication Type Full-text conference paper published in other conference proceedings
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Kid with Speech Delay and Language Competence Empiric Solution
Field of research 5. Social sciences
Sub-field of research 5.3 Educational sciences
Authors Ieva Grada
Dace Ratniece
Keywords autism; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd); language; speech delay; delayed speech; hyperactivity; sensitivity; preschool age
Abstract The paper explains the experience and the principles, how to teach knowingly the language and constructively communication for preschool kid with delayed speech. The external environment should be mainly calm, when necessary rigidity on setting borders should be demonstrated. Playing on the feelings, when necessary and when borders not recognized by kid. The teacher and the parent should update the attitude to kid based on experience. The teacher or the parent should grow as personality during the job with kid. The external environment should be well defined and consistent. The rules and the actions and the language with the actions should be in the everyday routine. The goal of the paper is to demonstrate the language structure, the condition for kid and examples used to communicate with kid with speech delay.
Hyperlink: http://journals.ru.lv/index.php/SIE/article/view/1445 
Reference Kudiņa, I., Ratniece, D. Kid with Speech Delay and Language Competence Empiric Solution. In: Society. Integration. Education: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference. Vol.3, Latvia, Rezekne, 27-28 May, 2016. Rezekne: Rezekne Academy of Technologies, 2016, pp.79-85. ISBN 978-9984-44-141-2. e-ISBN 9781771885089.
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