Durability Properties of High Performance Foamed Concrete
Procedia Engineering 2017
Eva Namsone, Genādijs Šahmenko, Aleksandrs Korjakins

Foam concrete (FC) is promising material in modern building industry because of simple technology and wide range of properties may be achieved. Basic problems of FC are shrinkage and decreased strength, comparing to aerated autoclaved concrete. In the case of wet and cold climate,durability also plays in an important role. The paper discussed the possibilities for creating durable high performance FC by applying intensive mixing technology and using modifying micro admixtures. Characteristics of FC, such as strength, density, water absorption, carbonization and frost resistance, are discussed as the basic components of durability. Properties of different compositions of FC were tested and compared. Technological methods for obtaining high performance concrete are summarized. It is pointed out, that creating of more durable FC makes possible to increase life cycle of material and promote rational use of natural resources.

Foam concrete; cavitation; carbonization; water absorption; frost resistance

Namsone, E., Šahmenko, G., Korjakins, A. Durability Properties of High Performance Foamed Concrete. In: Procedia Engineering, Lithuania, Vilnius, 26-27 May, 2016. Vilnius: Elsiever, 2017, pp.760-767. ISSN 1877-7058. Available from: doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2017.02.120

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