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Publikācija: Wood Biomass from the Model Wastewater and Its Fractionation

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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Wood Biomass from the Model Wastewater and Its Fractionation
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.4 Chemical engineering
Authors Galija Shulga
Sanita Vītoliņa
Jūlija Brovkina
Brigita Neiberte
Anrijs Verovkins
Māris Puķe
Nikolajs Vedernikovs
Keywords Biomass; Fractionation; Hemicelluloses; Hydrothermal treatment; Lignin; Wastewater
Abstract The production of veneer in Latvia and many countries of East Europe is accomplished by the hydrothermal treatment of hardwood in special water basins. As a result, formed effluents contain wood-originated pollutants, which are responsible for the enhanced chemical oxygen demand and the intensive colour of the wastewater. Keeping in mind the volume of the polluted effluents formed annually at the Latvian plywood plants, it is very important to extract qualitatively and quantitatively the formed biomass from the effluent. The choose of an effective method of the waste biomass extraction depends on chemical characterisation of the effluent. In this work, for imitating woodworking wastewater, birch sawdust was hydrothermally treated in mild alkaline conditions at 90°C. The yield of the solid biomass did not exceed 7% and contained, mainly, hemicelluloses in the polysaccharide form and lignin. The applied instrumental analysis (FTIR-, UV-, Raman spectroscopy) testify the dominant content of hemicelluloses in the obtained biomass. The fractionation of the biomass was performed using concentrated sulphuric acid and ethanol. As the obtained results have shown, the content of lignin, hemicelluloses and water-soluble degraded wood products in the solid biomass corresponded to the following mass ratio: 1.2 /6.7 /1.0, respectively.
Reference Shulga, G., Vītoliņa, S., Brovkina, J., Neiberte, B., Verovkins, A., Puķe, M., Vedernikovs, N. Wood Biomass from the Model Wastewater and Its Fractionation. In: Vide. Tehnoloģija. Resursi : IX starptautiskās zinātniski praktiskās konferences materiāli = Environment. Technology. Resources : Proceedings of the 9th International Scientific and Practical Conference, Latvia, Rēzekne, 20-22 June, 2013. Rēzekne: Rezekne Higher Education Institution, 2013, pp.190-194. ISSN 1691-5402.
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