Organic Reactions in and with Liquid Sulfur Dioxide
Jevgeņija Lugiņina

Māris Turks

Grigorijs Veinbergs, Pavels Arsenjans, Jørn H. Hansen

Liquid sulfur dioxide as a solvent and/or reagent was applied in the following research directions: A - nucleophilic ring opening reactions of aziridines and azetidines facilitated by the ability of SO2 to equally solvate ionic type as well as polar covalent compounds; B - formation of glycosidic bond facilitated by Lewis acidic, fluorophilic and carbenium ion stabilizing properties of SO2; C – sulfone synthesis using bora-ene reaction as a key step, because SO2 is a useful building block for introduction of sulfonyl group.

sulfur dioxide, aziridine ring opening, azetidine ring opening, solvent, glycosylation reaction, sulfone synthesis, bora-ene reaction

Lugiņina, Jevgeņija. Organic Reactions in and with Liquid Sulfur Dioxide. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2017. 73 p.

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