Complex Multilayer Carbon Structures for Green Energetics
Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences 2017
Pēteris Lesničenoks, Astrīda Bērziņa, Ingars Lukoševičš, Līga Grīnberga, Laimonis Jēkabsons, Jānis Kleperis, Māris Knite, Gatis Taurins

We investigated a promising material for hydrogen storage and sensing. The material was obtained by exfoliating recycled graphite waste and simultaneously modifying the product with metal impurities (Bi, V, Cu). As a result, graphene sheet stack (GSS) powder was obtained. The material was further processed by hydrothermal annealing and reduction. Raman spectra of the GSS materials are provided to show the presence of graphene-like structures and defects in the exfoliated material. The synthesized graphene material has good semiconductor properties with a low electrical resistance for hydrogen sensing applications.

multilayer carbon structures, Raman spectra, resistivity, electrochemical exfoliation

Lesničenoks, P., Bērziņa, A., Lukoševičš, I., Grīnberga, L., Jēkabsons, L., Kleperis, J., Knite, M., Taurins, G. Complex Multilayer Carbon Structures for Green Energetics. In: Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Estonia, Tartu, 24-27 April, 2017. Estonia: Estonian Academy of Sciences, 2017, pp.403-408. ISSN 1736-6046. e-ISSN 1736-7530. Available from: doi:10.3176/proc.2017.4.26

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