Research on Properties of High Performance Foamed Concrete
Key Engineering Materials 2018
Eva Namsone, Genādijs Šahmenko, Elvija Namsone, Aleksandrs Korjakins

The research is devoted to foamed concrete, which is very perspective material in the modern construction industry. In order to make rational use of lightweight porous concrete, it is necessary to ensure good mechanical and physical parameters of foamed concrete building materials. This can be done by improving the composition of the foamed concrete mixture and stabilizing the microstructure. The innovative mixing technology with cavitation and turbulence effect include the hydrodynamic effect on the properties of the foamed concrete. Some physical and mechanical properties (such as shrinkage and low values of compressive strength) limit the use of foamed concrete, which is purpose of use a variety of high strength fibers and porous fillers.

Capillary Water Absorption, Foamed Concrete, Microstructure, Shrinkage

Namsone, E., Šahmenko, G., Namsone, E., Korjakins, A. Research on Properties of High Performance Foamed Concrete. Key Engineering Materials, 2018, Vol.788, pp.13-22. ISSN 1662-9795. Available from: doi:10.4028/

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