Use of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts for Solving the Tasks of Ecological Monitoring of Sea Aquatorium
Vladislavs Žavtkēvičs

30.04.2019. 14:00, Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes Mašīnzinību, transporta un aeronautikas fakultātes Aeronautikas institūtā, Lauvas ielā 8, 218. auditorijā

Aleksandrs Urbahs

Eduardas Lasauskas, Vladimirs Šestakovs, Zbigniew Koruba

Pollution of the world's aquatoriums with oil products is one of the most urgent ecological problems today. Taking into account the national economic development program, which envisages increasing the turnover of ports in ports, increasing the volume of oil transportation, the problem of combating pollution of marine oil and oil products is one of the priorities for Latvia as well. Using of remote piloted aircraft has a number of advantages: the possibility of take-off and landing without using the aerodrome, low cost, low operating costs, lack of risk for the pilot and the possibility of using a semi-automatic or automatic control system. The thesis consists of four chapters, in the first chapter formulated the main objectives and problems of monitoring oil pollution using remote sensing. During research developed the mathematical model for preparing procedure of RPA optimal flight route. Within the framework of the thesis, a new and highly effective methodology for monitoring oil pollution of the marine environment was developed, which makes it possible to determine the characteristics of oil pollution. The mathematical model of distribution of oil spill on the water surface was developed. In the forth chapter were developed technology for taking water samples of sea aquatorium with assistance of RPA and special devices for taking water samples of sea aquatorium from the remote piloted aircraft. The main scientific and practical results of the work presented at 5 scientific conferences. The results are published in 6 papers and received 1 international patent. The doctoral thesis consists of introduction,4 chapters, results and conclusions, bibliography and 3 appendices. The thesis contains 137 pages, 38 figures and 11 tables. The bibliography contains 59 entries

TGK, naftas piesārņojuma monitorings

Žavtkēvičs, Vladislavs. Use of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts for Solving the Tasks of Ecological Monitoring of Sea Aquatorium. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2019. 137 p.

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