A Prototype of Interactive Decision Support System with Automatic Prompter
Baltic Journal of Modern Computing 2015
Andrejs Zujevs

Engineering optimization problems mostly has more than one contradictory criteria. For solving such problems mathematically one can use multiple criteria decision making methods that provide finding compromise solution.This work contributes with nonlinear multiobjective optimization methods, whereinteractive methods comparing to others is more informative. Using the interactive methods contributes Interactive Decision SupportSystems which provide user friendly interface and helps to make decisions. In the paper are described and approved opportunities then Interactive Decision Support System assistDecision Makerin preference information defining. Thisrealized with an Automatic Prompter which determining preference information of the interactive method for the next iteration.The Automatic Prompter adaptablefor the different interactive methodsandhasindependence from strategy how to provide preference information. Using the Automatic Prompter the Decision Makercan verify whether it is possible to achieve adesiredsolution and what should be preference information.Determined preference information by the Automatic Prompter provides more information about a problemand the Decision Maker learning process is more effective. The Automatic Prompter was implemented and approbated as partof a prototype of the Interactive Decision Support System. Experiments with using the Automatic Prompter demonstrate that the DecisionMaker has obtained more effective solutions.

Interactive Decision Support System, multiobjective optimization, interactive methods, preference informationdetermination, Decision Makerformalmodel

Zujevs, A. A Prototype of Interactive Decision Support System with Automatic Prompter. Baltic Journal of Modern Computing, 2015, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp.43-54. ISSN 2255-8942. e-ISSN 2255-8950.

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