System and Method for Monitoring of Audience
Andrejs Zujevs, Agnis Jakubovičs, Kārlis Gudonis

Invention relates to systems configured for monitoring an audience of TV broadcasts and to method for monitoring of audience. System for monitoring the TV audience with increased speed and precision of data processing comprises: a camera (1) configured to obtain an image; a broadcast unit (11) configured to process TV information; a coder (2) configured to process an image of audience; a decoder (10) configured for decoding data received from the coder (2). System further comprises: an analysis unit (14) configured to identify the audience and TV broadcast, as well as to merge identified and unidentified person’s faces with received TV broadcast and TV channel; a signal receiver (13) configured to receive and to register a change of broadcasting channel.

G06T1/00; G06T7/20; H04N7/00

Zujevs, A., Jakubovičs, A., Gudonis, K. System and Method for Monitoring of Audience [online]. Rīga Latvijas Republikas Patentu valde, 2015. Available from:

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