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Publikācija: Porous Ceramics from Al2O3 Nanopowders

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity Research project
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Porous Ceramics from Al2O3 Nanopowders
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.5 Materials engineering
Research platform None
Authors Ilmārs Zālīte
Līga Grase
Santa Lagzdiņa
Dzintra Ārija Rašmane
Keywords Porous ceramics, Al2O3 nanopowder, sintering, properties
Abstract Porous Al2O3 ceramics were sintered by using plasma-chemical synthesized powders with specific surface area values of 30 and 50 m2/g. The sintering was carried out under various conditions: in nitrogen atmosphere, - air or vacuum in the temperature range of 1200 – 1700 °C. The most suitable sintering conditions to obtain porous ceramics are sintering in air in the temperature range of 1200-1500 °C using Al2O3 nanopowder with a specific surface area of 50 m2/g. Samples with open porosity of 35-45% and average pore size range of 110-180 nm were obtained under these conditions.
Hyperlink: http://msac.rtu.lv/ 
Reference Zālīte, I., Grase, L., Lagzdiņa, S., Rašmane, D. Porous Ceramics from Al2O3 Nanopowders. In: Material Science and Applied Chemistry 2019, Latvia, Rīga, 24-24 October, 2019. Rīga: RTU Press, 2019, pp.54-54.
ID 30137