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Publikācija: Current Issues of Labor Protection in New Forms of Employment in Latvia

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity National Research Programme
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Current Issues of Labor Protection in New Forms of Employment in Latvia
Field of research 5. Social sciences
Sub-field of research 5.2 Economics and Business
Research platform Security and Defence
Authors Guna Bazone
Māris Ziemelis
Keywords Labor protection, New forms of employment
Abstract Societal and economic developments, such as the need for greater flexibility on the part of both - employers and workers, have led to the emergence of new forms of employment across all Europe. Currently, there is no common understanding of what exactly "new forms of employment" are, because something that exists in one country may be nonexistent or not fully developed in another. The most popular new forms of employment in Latvia are self-employment and remote work (work from home). In 2018, there were changes developed for the Labor Protection Law, which anticipated to define what exactly is remote work, to establish more specific standards for the self-employed in labor protection, and how an employer can organize labor protection in a company where employees do remote work or work from home. Currently, these changes in the Labor Protection Law have not been applied, so it is still unclear how the employer should act if their employees work from home. The planned changes anticipate partial regulation of these issues, but the situation is still unclear as to what should be done in the event of an accident occurring while working remotely.
Hyperlink: https://www.rtu.lv/writable/public_files/RTU_scee_2019_book_of_abstracts.pdf 
Reference Bazone, G., Ziemelis, M. Current Issues of Labor Protection in New Forms of Employment in Latvia. In: 60th International Scientific Conference of Riga Technical University “Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship SCEE’2019”. Book of Abstracts, Latvia, Riga, 11-12 October, 2019. Riga: RTU Press, 2019, pp.73-73. ISBN 978-9934-22-368-6. ISSN 2256-0866.
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