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Publikācija: Analysis and Improvement of Factors Affecting the Quality of Working Environment

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity National Research Programme
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Analysis and Improvement of Factors Affecting the Quality of Working Environment
Field of research 5. Social sciences
Sub-field of research 5.2 Economics and Business
Research platform Security and Defence
Authors Matīss Šmitiņš
Jānis Ieviņš
Jānis Bartušauskis
Keywords Quality of working Environment, Safety, threats, Reduction of risk factors, Quality management
Abstract In all organisations there are factors that have negative impact on the quality of working environment by reducing the volume of work processes and the quality of work, as well as endangers the safety of the employees and the organisation. Research has shown that there are sets of different factors to be classified in categories and identified at different levels. The quality of working environment in organisations is based on the set of various influencing factors, mainly related to the behaviour of employees, their state of health, the culture of the company and the principles of its work, as well as, without doubt, the region where the organisation carries out its activities. The aim of the research is to characterise and analyse the effect of working environment quality factors on the safety of the employees and the organisation, as well as analyse the theoretical aspects of improving the quality factors of working environment. In this research, using systematic literature analysis, grouping and qualitative content analysis research methods, the factors affecting the quality of working environment have been defined in order to develop the model for identifying the influencing factors and, consequently, to introduce the preventive measures for promoting sustainability and development. By identifying groups of workers at risk in the working environment, the impact of the risks to the working environment on employees may be reduced by at least 20%, including the consequences of occupational diseases and accidents at work.
Hyperlink: https://www.rtu.lv/writable/public_files/RTU_scee_2019_book_of_abstracts.pdf 
Reference Šmitiņš, M., Ieviņš, J., Bartušauskis, J. Analysis and Improvement of Factors Affecting the Quality of Working Environment. In: 60th International Scientific Conference of Riga Technical University “Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship SCEE’2019”: Book of Abstracts, Latvia, Rīga, 11-12 October, 2019. Riga Technical University: RTU Press, 2019, pp.78-78. ISBN 978-9934-22-368-6. ISSN 2256-0866.
ID 30201