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Publikācija: Photochromic Properties of TiO2

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity Research project
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Photochromic Properties of TiO2
Field of research 1. Natural sciences
Sub-field of research 1.4 Chemical sciences
Research platform Materials, Processes, and Technologies
Authors Raivis Eglītis
Andris Šutka
Anzelms Zukuls
Roman Viter
Keywords Photochromism, TiO2
Abstract There has recently been a renewed interest in the photochromic properties and uses of TiO2 as a potential candidate for smart windows. TiO2 nanoparticle (NP) suspensions are capable of changing their transmittance across both the visible and near-infra red spectral range via irradiation with UV light1. Furthermore, this change in transmittance is fully reversible with exposure to air as seen in figure 1. However, the surrounding medium for TiO2 NPs, is of equal importance, as it facilitates hole scavenging and, in turn, the photochromism. This is but one of the ways in which TiO2 photochromism can be tuned.
Reference Eglītis, R., Šutka, A., Zukuls, A., Viter, R. Photochromic Properties of TiO2. In: 60th International Scientific Conference "Materials Science and Applied Chemistry": Book of Abstracts, Latvia, Rīga, 24-24 October, 2019. Rīga: RTU, 2019, pp.18-18.
ID 30405