Climate Engineering and Policy
Reinis Āboltiņš, Uldis Bariss, Andra Blumberga, Dagnija Blumberga, Einārs Cilinskis, Maksims Feofilovs, Armands Grāvelsiņš, Tatjana Kuzņecova, Laine Lupkina, Indra Muižniece, Claudio Rochas, Francesco Romagnoli

The number of natural hazards caused by climate change is increasing. To deal with emerging threats it is crucial to increase resilience of communities and infrastructure to climate change and natural disasters, while reducing the effects on climate change itself. This requires political, technological and economic changes. Energy sector is one of the main contributors to climate change. Collective monography is devoted to the development of future climate adaptation measures for energy sector and built infrastructure. Collective monography consists of researches conducted by Institute of Energy Systems and Environment on climate engineering and policy for the energy sector. Researches presented in collective monography adopt variety of different methods, including system dynamics, multi-criteria decision analysis, stochastic probability simulation and analysis. Results of researches presented in this collective monography can be used by scientists, policy planners and other stakeholders to improve their climate adaptation strategies and climate resilience.

Pilsētu izturētspēja, pielāgošanās, klimata pārmaiņas

Āboltiņš, R., Bariss, U., Blumberga, A., Blumberga, D., Cilinskis, E., Feofilovs, M., Grāvelsiņš, A., Kuzņecova, T., Lupkina, L., Muižniece, I., Rochas, C., Romagnoli, F. Climate Engineering and Policy. Rīga: RTU Izdevniecība, 2020. 204 p. ISBN 978-9934-22-102-6.

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