Small Scale Pellet Boiler Gas Treatment in Fog Unit
International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering 2020
Dagnija Blumberga, Vivita Priedniece, Elvis Kalniņš, Vladimirs Kirsanovs, Ivars Veidenbergs

The current research is aimed at experimentally finding out characteristic parameters of the operation of the fog unit and their effect on the efficiency of particulate matter capture. To conduct the experiment, a laboratory equipment—fog unit—was designed and prepared. The fog unit is suitable for 10, 20 and 30 kW pellet boilers. The impact of the parameters on essential changes of indicators important for PM capture is described: sprayed water and gas contact surface; droplets and gas contact time in the unit; droplets holdup in the unit. In the process, a regression equation for predicting the effectiveness of PM capture in a direct contact fog unit is obtained. A good experimental and calculated data correlation is observed (adjusted R squared statistics is 85.32%).

Air pollution, Droplet, Particulate matter, Pellet boiler, Performance evaluation, Wet scrubber

Blumberga, D., Priedniece, V., Kalniņš, E., Kirsanovs, V., Veidenbergs, I. Small Scale Pellet Boiler Gas Treatment in Fog Unit. International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering, 2020, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp.1-15. ISSN 2008-9163. Available from: doi:10.1007/s40095-020-00357-x

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