Systemic Solution for Customs Process Management and Organization Evaluation
Aldis Čevers

17.12.2021. 10:00, IeVf SESMI, attālināti ZOOM platformā

Aivars Vilnis Krastiņš

Inga Lapiņa, Iveta Reinholde, Viktors Čencovs

The goal of the research is to develop a systemic solution for the evaluation of the work and process management and organization of customs based on the study of factors influencing customs activities, on the basis of a common evaluation of customs functions and tasks and using an appropriate system of evaluation criteria and indicators. The doctoral thesis consists of 5 parts. The first part is devoted to the characterization of customs matters, customs environment and possible threats at the national and international level. The second part of the work studies the customs service as a component of public administration, its functions, tasks and processes. The third part of the dissertation deals with the concepts of effective public administration, studies the performance of public administration, organization, evaluation and its elements. The fourth part deals with the methods and techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of customs operations, summarizes and classifies the elements of the customs operation and process evaluation system. The fifth part of the work offers a systematic solution for the evaluation and organization evaluation of customs processes. The volume of the dissertation is 223 pages. The work contains 16 tables, 45 figures, 14 appendices, 240 sources of information are used.

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Čevers, Aldis. Systemic Solution for Customs Process Management and Organization Evaluation. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2021. 223 p.

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