Research of a Biomass Boiler with Stirling Engine Microgeneration Unit
Environmental and Climate Technologies 2021
Jānis Kramens, Edgars Vīgants, Ivars Liepiņš, Linards Vērnieks, Viktorija Terjaņika

A number of intergovernmental agreements, the most important of which are the Paris Agreement (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the European Green Deal, provide for resource efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas and particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10) emissions to 2030 (short-term program to reduce emissions by at least 55 %) and to achieve emissions-neutral production, transport and household activities by 2050. The European Union (EU) has taken the lead in developing and implementing climate change mitigation policies for both industrial and private residential homes in the world through a green course. As an EU country, Latvia has joined both the EU-level climate policy and developed its policy, regulatory documents and action plans for 2021-2030 (Latvia's National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030), climate policy, including a policy aimed at significantly reducing GHG emissions and increasing efficiency in the household sector. Achieving these climate policy goals requires both a change in human habits and more efficient technologies. This article discusses one of the technological solutions that can reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and the release of PM2.5and PM10from individual heating systems in private homes and small commercial facilities. Calculations of electrical energy production in mCHP mode of the system for household self-consumption based on experiments will be done. The technology involves the production of heat from biomass or other types of renewable energy sources while generating electricity for self-consumption. Conclusions of CHP mode on overall efficiency will be done.

Climate policy | cogeneration | efficiency | emissions

Kramens, J., Vīgants, E., Liepiņš, I., Vērnieks, L., Terjaņika, V. Research of a Biomass Boiler with Stirling Engine Microgeneration Unit. Environmental and Climate Technologies, 2021, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp.587-599. ISSN 1691-5208. e-ISSN 2255-8837. Available from: doi:10.2478/rtuect-2021-0043

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