Research and Development of the Synchronous Reluctance Motor Traction Drive
Jaroslavs Zarembo

16.06.2022. 13:00, Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes Elektrotehnikas un vides inženierzinātņu fakultātē, Āzenes ielā 12 k-1, 212. auditorijā.

Leonīds Ribickis

Jānis Dainis Dirba, SVETLANA ORLOVA, Alecksey Anuchin

The aim of the Doctoral Thesis is the design, development and testing of an electric drive based on SynRM and a two-level frequency inverter for traction application. Within the research an electric motor in the overall dimensions of an existing serial induction motor for the trolleybus was developed, manufactured, and investigated. The result of the work was the development and testing of a new model of traction SynRM with control system for trolleybus drive. The Doctoral Thesis has been written in English. It consists of an Introduction, 5 chapters, Conclusions, 58 figures, 12 tables, and 2 appendices; the total number of pages is 80, including appendices. The Bibliography contains 40 titles.

SynRM, electric drive

Zarembo, Jaroslavs. Research and Development of the Synchronous Reluctance Motor Traction Drive. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2022. 80 p.

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