Soaring Motion of Vibrating Drive Object in Fluid
20th International Scientific Conference "Engineering for Rural Development": Proceedings. Vol.20 2021
Edgars Kovals, Māris Eiduks, Kristaps Spade, Jānis Vība, Kaspars Burbeckis

The authors' research on the application of vibrating motors in technology, technologies and everyday life is continued. Unlike previous studies on the movement of an object over the dry surface of another object, the movement in fluid (water, air) is analyzed here. The movement in the vertical plane of the object, which on the outside consists of a monolithic body with wide wings, is considered. Inside this first object is a vibrator or a second moving object controlled by mechatronics. A simplified movement of an object is considered, in which the rotation around the center of mass does not take place, which imposes additional rules for the synthesis of the system design. The motion is described by two second-order differential equations, which take into account: - gravity interaction; - buoyancy or the Archimedes' principle; - the forces of interaction between the hull and the fluid, which depend on the square of the absolute speed of the translational movement of the hull; - similar wing interaction force; - law of relative motion control of vibrator; In addition, the possibility of mechatronic motion control by changing the angle of the wings towards the body has been used. The obtained differential equations are analyzed numerically at different internal vibrator motion laws. In addition, the soaring motion of the object, which depends on the control of the wing angle, as well as the additional motion of the fluid flow, have been studied. The research results are illustrated with phase coordinate graphs. The results obtained in the work can be used for the analysis, optimization and synthesis of new flying and soaring objects.

Fluid-rigid body interaction; Soaring motion

Kovals, E., Eiduks, M., Spade, K., Vība, J., Burbeckis, K. Soaring Motion of Vibrating Drive Object in Fluid. In: 20th International Scientific Conference "Engineering for Rural Development": Proceedings. Vol.20, Latvia, Jelgava, 26-28 May, 2021. Jelgava: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, 2021, pp.617-622. ISSN 1691-3043. Available from: doi:10.22616/ERDev.2021.20.TF133

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