Dynamics Analysis and Structural Synthesis of Wind Energy Production Device with Closed Loop Conveyor
Vibroengineering Procedia 2022
Vitālijs Beresņevičs, Marina Čerpinska, Jānis Vība, Mārtiņš Irbe

This paper deals with a dual design device for wind energy production, in which the movement of the blade consists of several stages, that is, two stages of rotation about two fixed axes and two stages of the blades straight translation movement. The proposed design offers a closed-shaped flattened conveyor equipped with several identical flat-shaped blades. The blades are mounted on a conveyor belt and have an opportunity to move together with the belt in one straight line direction. Therefore, air flow kinetic energy is transformed into translation motion of flat blades. The conveyor system has a built-in energy generator. To analyse blade interaction with air flow, a superposition principle is applied, in which the fast chaotic motion of air particles (Brownian motion) is separated from the slow flow motion with the given average velocity. On the base of such separation, a differential equation of motion for the entire conveyor system with one degree of freedom is obtained. Dynamics of the system due to the action of air flow is simulated with computer program Mathcad. Optimization of system parameters is performed, using a generated power as criterion. In addition, motion control at changeable airflow is optimized by selecting the blade orientation and corresponding adjustment of generator.

air flow, flat blade, belt conveyor, computer simulation, power, optimization

Beresņevičs, V., Čerpinska, M., Vība, J., Irbe, M. Dynamics Analysis and Structural Synthesis of Wind Energy Production Device with Closed Loop Conveyor. Vibroengineering Procedia, 2022, Vol. 44, pp.156-162. ISSN 2345-0533. e-ISSN 2538-8479. Available from: doi:10.21595/vp.2022.22867

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