Modular Segmented Motor for Power-Assist Wheelchairs: Proof of Concept
Machines 2021
Iļja Galkins, Rahims Geidarovs, Andrejs Podgornovs

This paper presents an analysis of the opportunity to increase the price availability of small electric vehicles, such as electric scooters, such as bicycles and wheelchairs, by applying expandability and modularity principles to their motors. Assuming that, in many cases, small electric vehicles are brought to the market in several power/price versions, the authors of this report evaluate the possibility of combining different numbers of electromechanical modules while, at the same time, maintaining the unity of the entire drive/motor scheme, thus making the mentioned expandability possible. Power-assist wheelchairs are taken as an example of the application, where such expandability is reasonable. The application provides a price reduction for the less powerful wheelchairs in the case of less severe disabilities. To start, the authors briefly compare multidrive schemes that ground the principle of modularity at the electromechanical level. Then, they outline a radially segmented motor concept and discuss this concept using the example of a permanent magnet synchronous motor. In particular, they propose a methodology for the calculation of its parameters and calculate the particular design details of such a motor. The motor is then analyzed with the help of its mathematical model, as well as experimentally. This tentative evaluation of two 50 W segments (of a 300 W 6-segment motor) proves that the proposed segmented modularity concept is feasible, and that it requires a more detailed consideration of the parameters and the other implementation aspects (power driver, control, cooling) of the given synchronous motor. Moreover, the concept might be successfully utilized in the designs of other motor types.

electric vehicles; intelligent vehicles; wheelchairs; modular construction; AC motors; permanent magnet motors

Galkins, I., Geidarovs, R., Podgornovs, A. Modular Segmented Motor for Power-Assist Wheelchairs: Proof of Concept. Machines, 2021, Vol. 9, No. 10, Article number 227. e-ISSN 2075-1702. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/machines9100227

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