Control Methods for Critical Infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT)
Nadežda Kuņicina, Anatolijs Zabašta, Ojārs Krūmiņš, Andrejs Romānovs, Anastasija Žiravecka, Leonīds Ribickis, Rasa Bruzgiene, Antons Patļins, Alīna Galkina, Jeļena Čaiko, Kaspars Kondratjevs, Igors Uteševs, Joan Peuteman, Andrii Hnatov, Andrei Deryushev, Ievgen Pichkalov, Jaroslavs Agofonovs, Konstantīns Kuņicins, Damir Shodiev, Mārtiņš Bisenieks

The book "Control methods for critical infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT)" opens up a world for the students of applied physics and electrical engineering with a technical foundation. The book is intended for all levels of students and developers of electrical and mechanical devices’ solutions, automotive control schemes as well alternatives in motion control and advanced technologies for management of automated infrastructure. The provided book delves into the challenges that arise while modeling a continuous urban environment process in order to achieve a high quality in management of automated infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure

Kuņicina, N., Zabašta, A., Krūmiņš, O., Romānovs, A., Žiravecka, A., Ribickis, L., Bruzgiene, R., Patļins, A., Galkina, A., Čaiko, J., Kondratjevs, K., Uteševs, I., Peuteman, J., Hnatov, A., Deryushev, A., Pichkalov, I., Agofonovs, J., Kuņicins, K., Shodiev, D., Bisenieks, M. Control Methods for Critical Infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT). Riga: RTU Press, 2022. 143 p.

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