A Comparative Analysis of Bioeconomy Development in European Union Countries
Environmental Management 2023
Kristiāna Dolge, Lauma Balode, Krista Laktuka, Vladimirs Kirsanovs, Aiga Barisa, Anna Kubule

Knowledge-based and innovative bioeconomy is a cornerstone for achieving the goals of the European Green Deal. Due to its comprehensive coverage, bioeconomy performance is challenging to assess unambiguously. This paper presents the results of a cross-country comparison of 22 EU countries applying the Complex Bioeconomy Sustainability Index for 2012–2018. Results were compared with results of the TOPSIS multi-criteria decision-making method on national bioeconomy strategies in Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Latvia. The research aims to combine a quantitative assessment of bioeconomy output indicators with a qualitative evaluation of bioeconomy strategies of EU Member States.

Bioeconomy | Circular economy | European Green Deal | Indicators | Multi-criteria

Dolge, K., Balode, L., Laktuka, K., Kirsanovs, V., Barisa, A., Kubule, A. A Comparative Analysis of Bioeconomy Development in European Union Countries. Environmental Management, 2023, Vol. 70, pp.215-233. ISSN 0364-152X. Available from: doi:10.1007/s00267-022-01751-3

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