Numerical Simulation of Polymeric Composite Nanofiber MAT
22nd International Scientific Conference "Engineering for Rural Development" : Proceedings, Vol.22 2023
Sai Pavan Kanukuntla, Jaymin Vrajlal Sanchaniya, Uchit Kardani, Vitālijs Beresņevičs

Polymeric composite nanofiber mats have attracted considerable interest due to their unusual features,which include a large surface area, high porosity, and excellent mechanical strength. Numerical simulation is an essential tool for understanding and optimising the behaviour of these nanofiber mats. This research provides a detailed investigation of numerical simulations of polymeric composite nanofiber mats, with particular emphasis on the computational methods used to predict their mechanical characteristics. Tensile testing allows for quick and easy evaluation of the performance of nanofiber composites. To further understand this increase in the mechanical characteristics of polymeric nanofiber composite systems, a finite-element model was built. Using the experimental data of the publicly available authors and an analytical model, the model is evaluated and compared. To compare the numerically and experimentally determined values of the elastic modulus of the nanofiber composite, the Rule of Mixture (ROM) and Tsai-Pagano models were used. Using the experimental data, Representative Volume Elements (RVE) were built, and the elastic modulus was predicted using RVE. In comparison to an additional analytical model, the RVE model that makes use of numerical simulation predicts an elastic modulus that is very nearly identical to the value that is practically observed. In this work, a technique for forecasting the elastic modulus is proposed using a numerical simulation of the nanofiber composite mat.

nano composites, nanofiber, mat, elastic modulus, RVE.

Kanukuntla, S., Sanchaniya, J., Kardani, U., Beresņevičs, V. Numerical Simulation of Polymeric Composite Nanofiber MAT. In: 22nd International Scientific Conference "Engineering for Rural Development" : Proceedings, Vol.22, Latvia, Jelgava, 24-26 May, 2023. Jelgava: Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies, 2023, pp.790-795. ISSN 1691-5976. Available from: doi:10.22616/ERDev.2023.22.TF156

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