Experimental Thermal Characterization of the In-Wheel Electric Motor with Loop Heat Pipe Thermal Management System
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 2023
Igors Ušakovs, Donatas Mishkinis, Iļja Galkins, Aleksandrs Bubovičs, Andrejs Podgornovs

Current trends in technology toward the elimination of fossil fuels are increasing the value of electric vehicles (EVs). In turn, one of the main components of EVs is an electric motor (EM). The lifetime, reliability and output power of the EMs depend on the performance of their cooling systems. The cooling systems that are based on two-phase technologies of heat transfer, such as loop heat pipes (LHPs), have important advantages over traditional air- and liquid systems. On the other hand, LHP EM thermal control application is slowed down by the complication of their manufacturing and high production expenses. However, in recent years, new technologies are constantly being developed that can reduce the customization of LHP and, therefore, the cost of its production. In this paper the technology based on modular standardized approach for LHP design and manufacturing is applied to demonstrate the cooling performance of LHP in an in-wheel motor of a personal mobility vehicle (electric bike, wheelchair etc.) and compare it to the standard cooling solution. For this purpose, a double-capillary pump unit evaporator LHP was produced and coupled with an EM. EM thermal characteristics were studied and compared to the values obtained prior to LHP installation. Studies have shown that the use of two-phase cooling can increase motor performance up to 2.5 times.

Loop heat pipe, Electric motor cooling, Two-phase heat transfer, Multi-evaporator design, Thermal management

Ušakovs, I., Mishkinis, D., Galkins, I., Bubovičs, A., Podgornovs, A. Experimental Thermal Characterization of the In-Wheel Electric Motor with Loop Heat Pipe Thermal Management System. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 2023, Vol. 47, Article number 103069. ISSN 2214-157X. Pieejams: doi:10.1016/j.csite.2023.103069

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