Conveyor-Type Wind Energy Conversion Device
5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists: Poster Presentations 2023
Vitālijs Beresņevičs, Jānis Vība, Mārtiņš Irbe, Marina Čerpinska

A progress on the development of a small wind power plant on the base of closed loop conveyor is reported, including the comparison of the proposed device with the existing technologies. The proposed design offers a closed-shaped belt conveyor equipped with flat-shaped blades. Several identical flat blades interacting with air flow are mounted on conveyor belt and have an opportunity to move together with the belt in one straight line direction. Then after turning in the reversing mechanism, blades move in the opposite direction. Therefore, air flow kinetic energy is transformed into translation motion of flat blades. The conveyor can be placed both horizontally and at any angle to the horizon. The conveyor system has a built-in energy generator.

Wind, energy, conveyor

Beresņevičs, V., Vība, J., Irbe, M., Čerpinska, M. Conveyor-Type Wind Energy Conversion Device. In: 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists: Poster Presentations, Latvia, Riga, 27-29 June, 2023. Riga: Ministry of Education and Science. Online, 2023, pp.47-47.

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