The Researchers Conclude that the Economic Growth of Latvian Agriculture is Slow, but with Great Potential
Vladimirs Kirsanovs, Ilze Vamža

The potential of economic development in Latvian agriculture, the impact of the Green Course on it and public opinion, the importance of digitization and innovative solutions were just some of the topics at the conference "Possibilities for transformation of the agricultural economy", which was organized by Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre on the last day of January as part of the activities of the State Common Agricultural Policy Network.

lauksaimniecība; konference

Kirsanovs, V., Vamža, I. The researchers conclude that the economic growth of Latvian agriculture is slow, but with great potential. Vietējā Latgales Avīze, 2023, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp.13-13.

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