Hydrogen Horizons: A Bibliometric Review of Trends in Diverse Emission Sectors
Sustainability 2023
Alīna Safronova, Aiga Barisa

Recognizing the future and present challenges facing humanity, the United Nations has developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to understand energy sources and the origin of their raw materials. Therefore, the role of hydrogen in the future energy balance is being discussed more and more frequently. The aim of this study is to use bibliometric analysis to determine the effectiveness of hydrogen use in different sectors to achieve sustainable development goals. This work identifies the most cited articles, as well as the most productive journals, countries, and institutions. This work provides insight into the current state of hydrogen sustainability research in six different areas. The reviewed sectors include energy, industry, transport, agriculture, commercial, and residential. The results show that the energy sector shows the greatest interest in sustainable development, followed by industry and transport.

bibliometric analysis | hydrogen | SDG | sustainable development goals

Safronova, A., Barisa, A. Hydrogen Horizons: A Bibliometric Review of Trends in Diverse Emission Sectors. Sustainability, 2023, Vol. 15, No. 19, Article number 14355. e-ISSN 2071-1050. Available from: doi:10.3390/su151914355

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