Research and Development of DC Microgrids for Robotic Manufacturing
Armands Šenfelds

29.12.2023. 11:30, Elektrotehnikas un vides inženierzinātņu fakultātē, Āzenes ielā 12/1, 212. auditorijā

Leonīds Ribickis

Jānis Zaķis, Rik W. De Doncker, Toomas Vaimann

The Doctoral Thesis is devoted to improving energy efficiency by introducing DC-type electrical power supply solutions for industrial robot-based manufacturing applications. The discussed methods cover individual AC-type industrial robot unit modifications for DC bus energy exchange up to DC microgrid introduction for the large-scale manufacturing environment. Experimental results demonstrate significant potential for energy reuse in the range from 20 % for individual industrial robots to 9.5 % for small groups and 6.5 % overall reused energy potential in the DC microgrid setup.

DC microgrid, industrial robots, energy efficiency

Šenfelds, Armands. Research and Development of DC Microgrids for Robotic Manufacturing. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2023. 202 p.

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