Investigation of a Shock Freezing Concept with Additional Electromagnetic Field Exposure
Advances in Science and Technology 2023
Viktors Mironovs, Vadims Sokolovs, Vjačeslavs Zemčenkovs, Jekaterina Kuzmina, Viktorija Stankēviča, Vjačeslavs Lapkovskis

Widely used to preserve foods for long-term preservation, freezing is a standard method of preserving food goods. This technique is highly energy-intensive and time-consuming. Utilising shock freezing techniques helps to accelerate the process. The current paper analyses information regarding the technology and application of shock-freezing technologies, including those utilising electromagnetic and electric fields. The results of experiments conducted using a refrigerator equipped with an electromagnetic system are reported. In order to achieve the research objectives, coils were installed in the refrigerator to induce an alternating electromagnetic field with an electromagnetic induction value of up to 0.6 mT. Preliminary experiments were carried out using sodium chloride solutions with various concentrations found in perspective frozen food products.

shock freezing of products, cooling, chilling, electromagnetic fields, defrosting, induction

Mironovs, V., Sokolovs, V., Zemčenkovs, V., Kuzmina, J., Stankēviča, V., Lapkovskis, V. Investigation of a Shock Freezing Concept with Additional Electromagnetic Field Exposure. Advances in Science and Technology, 2023, Vol. 134, pp.65-72. ISSN 1662-0356. Available from: doi:10.4028/p-DLYU4l

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