Health Monitoring of Serial Structures Applying Piezoelectric Film Sensors and Modal Passport
Sensors 2023
A. Mironov, Aleksejs Safonovs, Deniss Mironovs, P. Doronkin, Vitālijs Kuzmickis

Health monitoring of critical structures, that form parts of serial operating objects, is a pressing task. The Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) techniques could be the optimal solution. An inexpensive measurement system, such as the OMA, uses a lot of sensors for structural response assessment. The health monitoring of serial structures has to also consider possible deviations between samples. A solution providing the OMA application includes the compact measurement system based on piezoelectric film sensors and modal passport (MP) techniques. For validation of the proposed approach, a series of five similar composite cylinders, with a network of piezoelectric film sensors, was used. Applying modal tests on the specimens, and using OMA with MP methods, the set of typical modal parameters was determined and analyzed. The results of the study confirmed the feasibility of the sensor network and its applicability for structural health monitoring of serial samples using OMA methods. The proven effectiveness of OMA/MP techniques, combined with a sensor network, provides a prototype of intelligent sensor technology, which can be used for health monitoring of structures, including those that are part of an operating facility. © 2023 by the authors.

modal passport; operational modal analysis; piezoelectric films; sensors; structural health monitoring; modal analysis; piezoelectricity; sensor networks; analysis techniques; critical structures; health monitoring; measurement system; modal passport; operational modal analysis; optimal solutions;piezoelectric film; pressung; sensors network

Mironov, A., Safonovs, A., Mironovs, D., Doronkin, P., Kuzmickis, V. Health Monitoring of Serial Structures Applying Piezoelectric Film Sensors and Modal Passport. Sensors, 2023, Vol. 23, No. 3, Article number 1114. e-ISSN 1424-8220. Pieejams: doi:10.3390/s23031114

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