Overtaking of Road Vehicle Combinations
Aivis Grīslis, Gundars Liberts

The aim of the paper is to study main parameters and characteristics of overtaking maneuvers of vehicle combinations. Overtaking maneuver is most common and very dangerous maneuver on the roads. There are many characteristics influenced the overtaking of the vehicle. Especially dangerous maneuvers are to go pass 18.75 meters and longer vehicle combinations. There are two main characteristics of the overtaking; first is the speed and the difference of both vehicles’ speed. Second – the vehicles’ length. Analysis of the overtaking maneuvers is made based on calculations and practical experiments on roads. There are conclusions and suggestions about overtaking long vehicle combinations.

apdzīšanas manevrs, ietekmējošie parametri, aprēķinu rezultāti, ceļa eksperimenti

Grīslis, A., Liberts, G. Overtaking of Road Vehicle Combinations. Railway Transport. Vol.25, 2007, pp.65-74. ISSN 1407-8015.

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