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Publikācija: System Analysis for Integration of Landfill Energy Production in Regional Energy Supply

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Title in original language System Analysis for Integration of Landfill Energy Production in Regional Energy Supply
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.7 Environmental engineering and energetics
Authors Ģirts Kuplais
Dagnija Blumberga
Elīna Dāce
Keywords Biogas, Landfill gas, Refuse derived fuel, Regional energy supply, Renewable energy sources, System analysis
Abstract The waste management solutions in landfills of Latvia differ. Some of them are developed according to concept of biogas production and use in power plants or cogeneration plants (CHP). Use of biogas in CHP depends on energy consumption and supply, and availability of energy consumers. More often are cases when there are no possibilities to connect heat energy consumers, which create problems of low energy efficiency of power plants’ operation. A structure of energy user in Latvia is characterized by high energy consumption in households, public and service sector, comparing with relatively low consumption in rural and industrial sector. This situation obligates special tasks for power sector development, especially choosing energy resources to ensure energy production and supply. In Latvia imported fossil and renewable energy resources are used. A use of specific energy resource depends on energy supply policy, and total consumption of energy resources depends on development of every type of energy resources in regions. Now there is unjustified high proportion of fossil fuel in state energy balance which is possible to reduce by a beginning of active use of local fuel in regions. RDF and landfill gas as renewable energy source could play role in development of local energy resources in Latvia, which should be based on principles of cluster, integration and gradualness. In this paper the main attention is paid to waste management problems from development of regional power supply system point of view together with understanding, that those are not two separate systems, but two parts of one system with dynamic rather than static development.
Reference Kuplais, Ģ., Blumberga, D., Dāce, E. System Analysis for Integration of Landfill Energy Production in Regional Energy Supply. In: Waste Management and the Environment V, Estonia, Tallinn, 12-14 July, 2010. Southampton: WIT Press, 2010, pp.21-30. ISBN 978-1-84564-460-4.
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