Ruggedness Rubber - Metal Elements at Compression
Vladimirs Gonca, Jurijs Švabs, Romans Kobriņecs

The rubber shock absorbers are widely used in various designs and in many cases necessary shock absorbers with variable stiffness, when the damping depends on the settlement shock absorber. Now as a shock absorber with nonlinear stiffness using shock absorbers with side boards, at a time when it contacts the rubber part of the shock absorber, with emphasis, begins to be increased stiffness of the shock absorber. In this paper we propose a design of rubber shock absorbers with variable stiffness. The main advantage of the proposed design lies in the fact that the elements that provide non-linearity is within the buffer (in contrast to the shock absorbers with side boards). This is a great advantage because they do not want to increase the size of the shock absorber. The paper also proposed an analytical method for calculating the dependence of the “force - settlement” to shock the proposed design under static load. The solution is obtained by the Ritz method using the principle of minimum total potential energy of deformation. We consider only small deformations of up to 10%, just not taken into account the weak compressibility of the rubber, and Poisson’s ratio of 0.5 was adopted. Availability of analytical solutions can successfully design a shock that design with a given stiffness. In this paper we propose two options for calculating the dependence of force - of sediment for shock absorbers of this design: if a thin layer that provides non-elastomeric nonlinear characteristic in the process of the shock absorber can not be deformed (its rigidity is far greater than the rigidity of rubber), second case, if it is deformed (rigidity non-elastomeric layer is commensurate with the rigidity of rubber).

: rubber, shock-absorber, rigidity, weak compressibility

Gonca, V., Švabs, J., Kobriņecs, R. Ruggedness Rubber - Metal Elements at Compression. Mechanics. Vol.33, 2010, pp.74-78. ISSN 1407-8015.

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