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Publikācija: Dynamic Buckling of Axially Impacted Cylindrical Composite Shells

Publication Type Conference paper
Funding for basic activity Unknown
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Dynamic Buckling of Axially Impacted Cylindrical Composite Shells
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.4 Chemical engineering
Authors Edgars Eglītis
Chiara Bisagni
Kaspars Kalniņš
Olģerts Ozoliņš
Kārlis Dzelzītis
Keywords dynamic buckling, composite cylinders, imperfections, buckling experiments
Abstract The present investigation focuses on the differences of the buckling behaviour of thin laminated composite cylinders under static axial compression and axial impact. The adopted computational approach is based on the equations of motion, which are numerically solved using a finite element code (ABAQUS/Explicit). Different time histories of pulse loadings are achieved using various masses and velocities of the weight that impacts the cylinder. The influence of load magnitude and duration is studied numerically and the dynamic buckling results are related to the static buckling ones. The numerical results are compared to experiments.
Hyperlink: http://www.eccm2010.org 
Reference Eglītis, E., Bisagni, C., Kalniņš, K., Ozoliņš, O., Dzelzītis, K. Dynamic Buckling of Axially Impacted Cylindrical Composite Shells. In: Abstracts of IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics, France, Paris, 16-21 May, 2010. Paris: Computational Structural Mechanics Association, 2010, pp.1-2.
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