Shape Optimization Method of Mechanical System Elements
Известия Томского политехнического университета 2011
Aleksandrs Januševskis, Anatolijs Meļņikovs, Imants Kaktabulis

Resource-saving technique is proposed for shape optimization of the mechanical system elements developed by means of CAD. Procedure includes planning of location of the polygon control points of non-uniform rational B-splines that define the shape as well as building of the metamodels used further for optimization. Efficiency of technique is shown by solution of a test problem as well as for the shape optimization of the disk for mounting of measurement equipment on the axle of wagon wheel pair. The obtained shapes and appropriate quantitative indices are given

Shape optimization non-uniform rational B-splines design of experiments metamodel tensometric wheel pair of wagon

Januševskis, A., Meļņikovs, A., Kaktabulis, I. Shape Optimization Method of Mechanical System Elements. Известия Томского политехнического университета, 2011, Vol. 319, No. 2, pp.21-25. ISSN 1684-8519.

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