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Publikācija: D5.2 – Report on Dissemination and Communication Plan

Publication Type Article in a collection of scientific publications or a chapter in a monograph with ISBN or ISSN
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language D5.2 – Report on Dissemination and Communication Plan
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.2 Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information and communication engineering
Authors Aiga Ozoliņa
Bruno Žuga
Atis Kapenieks
Dider Luzarraga
Ansis Avotiņš
Merija Jirgensons
Rūdolfs Gulbis
Dina Žuga
Jānis Kapenieks
Keywords street lighting, energy saving, intelligent technologies, light intensity dimming
Abstract This document is deliverable D5.2 (Report on Dissemination and communication plan) for the LITES project (Grant agreement no. 238916). The LITES project was started in December 2009, and its duration is 30 months. It is expected to end May 2012. This deliverable relates to the dissemination aspects of Work Package 5 “Dissemination and communication plan” (DCP) that is led by Riga Technical University. The DCP aims at detailing the planned strategy for internal and external dissemination of the project’s objectives and also at surveying the market for opportunities of LITES project’s results exploitation. The DCP is conceived in conjunction with all the Consortium partners in order to glean the most effective strategy and to obtain the highest return in terms of group-knowledge of the project’s topics and of potential economic rewards. This deliverable is specifically aimed at presenting the dissemination actions we have already taken and presents initial market overview for the future exploitation of LITES project results and outputs. We regard this document as just the starting point; follow-up actions including meetings and discussions will continue for the duration of the project to ensure that that our decisions and actions are synchronized and on track and that we are still addressing the common target dissemination objectives. The Introduction addresses the general aims of the dissemination plan and the results of our initial market overview. The D5.2 document itself is divided into two main chapters. Chapter 1 presents a detailed description of the dissemination activities performed and planned for promoting the LITES project and its achieved results and outputs so far. These activities are divided in a rich and complementary set of project promotion actions: o Establishing the LITES Web site with publicly accessible project information; o Embedding additional resources on the web page such as multimedia presentations with interactive elements; o Preparing animated banners in regional/national public portals with links to the LITES website; o Preparing three video presentations on technical, financial, and organizational issues detailing LITES technology implementation and their social and economic effect. o Preparing marketing and public relation communications materials; o Preparing newsletters, flyers, and other publications that gathers the contributions of all project partners; o Gaining press coverage (both national broadsheets and regional and organizational newsprints); o Presenting and raising awareness at relevant conferences; o Disseminating LITES project results through the management structures of the participating partners. Chapter 2 presents a general market overview as well as some caveats and pitfalls to avoid from other field tests and attempts to introduce energy efficient street lighting. We are aware that well planned projects may fail because of poor channels of communication among the members of the team as well as all other relevant actors who are charged with carrying out the exploitation process of the project’s results. To avoid this pitfall, Chapter 2 pin-points the critical areas of which the partners need to be continuously aware: market receptivity of energy efficient lighting, adjusting strategies to improve success, and continuously analysing the causes of recent failures as well as achievements.
Reference Ozoliņa, A., Žuga, B., Kapenieks, A., Luzarraga, D., Avotiņš, A., Jirgensons, M., Gulbis, R., Žuga, D., Kapenieks, J. D5.2 – Report on Dissemination and Communication Plan. In: Eiropas komisija. Rīga: RTU, 2010, pp.1-56.
ID 9323