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Publikācija: Liquid Analysis with the Bioelectrography Method

Publication Type Publications in RTU scientific journal
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Publication language Latvian (lv)
Title in original language Bioelektrogrāfijas metode šķidrumu analīzei
Title in English Liquid Analysis with the Bioelectrography Method
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.5 Materials engineering
Authors Eva Trumsiņa
Silvija Kukle
Keywords half-tone images, integral parameters, spectral parameters, fractal parameters, structural parameters
Abstract GDV metodes pamatā ir biofiziska pieeja fraktālu attēlu datu ieguvei ar nelineārās matemātiskās analīzes palīdzību. GDV bioelektrogrāfijas metode apvieno vairākas savstarpēji nesaistītas nozares – gāzizlādes fiziku, hidrodinamiku, klīnisko medicīnu, ķīniešu un indiešu filozofiju u.c.. GDV BEG analīzei tiek izmantots liels skaits parametru, kuri tiek iedalīti četrās grupās: integrālie parametri, spektrālie parametri, fraktālie parametri, struktūras parametri.
Abstract in English GDV method is based on a biophysical approach to fractal image data acquisition with a non-linear mathematical analysis. GDV bioelectrography method combines a number of separate sectors – gas-discharge physics, hydrodynamics, clinical medicine, Chinese and Indian philosophy, etc. The new science, known as quantum information biophysics, studies the properties of the biological object radiation. Information theory, which contains the biological object ability to receive, process and use of the information, gain popularity in the biology. In GDV method obtained images prior to its analysis are processed. Image processing includes small changes, which transforms pictures to easily treatable and analysable. The minimum element is the image pixel, which is characterized by the location and brightness. More than 3600 liquid samples analysis with GDV BEG shows that the GDV BEG parameters have a normal distribution. This allows statistical analysis of different groups of fluid such as analysis of variance, Student's t - criterion, etc. statistical methods. Sensitivity of statistical criterion, which depends on the standard deviation, is the basis for the assumption that the same concentration of the liquid within a single study must be tested no less than 40 times. In 40 bioelectrogramms are also included bioelectrogramms from a single bioelectrography session of the liquid. As the GDV bioelectrography occur ionization of the water sample, the allowable number of bioelectrogramms from one sample is 5 files. Fluid testing with the „GDV Camera” possible only with the accessories from „GDV Mini-Lab”. GDV BEG are taken and analyzed by several successive software. GDV BEG acquisition and initial processing are made by programms „GDV Capture-1” and „GDV Capture-2”. The program „GDV Scientific Laboratory” automatically calculates the 12 Bioenergetic parameters of radiation, which are divided into four groups: integral parameters, spectral parameters, fractal parameters and structure parameters. For liquid analyzing with the GDV bioelectrography has developed three different methods.
Reference Trumsiņa, E., Kukle, S. Liquid Analysis with the Bioelectrography Method. Material Science. Textile and Clothing Technology. Vol.5, 2010, pp.94-98. ISSN 1691-3132.
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