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Publikācija: Historical Analysis of Avalanche-Like Gas Discharge Visualization Effect

Publication Type Publications in RTU scientific journal
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Publication language Latvian (lv)
Title in original language Lavīnveida gāzizlādes vizualizācijas efekta vēsturiskā analīze
Title in English Historical Analysis of Avalanche-Like Gas Discharge Visualization Effect
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.5 Materials engineering
Authors Eva Trumsiņa
Silvija Kukle
Keywords Lichtenberg's figures, bioenergetic radiation, Kirlian effect, gas discharge visualization, diagnostics
Abstract . Rakstā apskatīti pirmie vēsturiski fiksētie mēģinājumi izraisīt dažādu objektu spīdēšanu augstsprieguma strāvas ietekmē 18.gadsimta beigās, kā arī izsekoti turpmākie pieejamie pētījumi, kas atspoguļo gan atklājumus un zinātnisko pamatojumu izstrādes gaitu, gan uz Kirliana efektu balstītas aparatūras veidošanas procesus un ar tiem saistītās grūtības, kā arī pētījumus un paveikto lietojumu jomu apzināšanā un metodiku izstrādē no pirmajiem mēģinājumiem līdz mūsdienām.
Abstract in English The first historically fixed attempts to lead a glow of different objects in influence of high-voltage power made at the end of the 18th century. In 1777th German physicist and philosopher Georg Lichtenberg, researching electric discharges in insulator (material with low electrical conductivity), found fan-shaped glow. Polish origin Belarusian scientist Jacob Ottonovich Narkevich-Yodko discovered electrography. He developed a method for registration of the energy in electric field exposure generated by a living organism. Analyzing electrography images J.O.Narkevich-Yodko came to the conclusion that the forms of radiation shown in the images are dependent on human health and the emotional condition, and proposed to use this method in the early diagnosis of the diseases, as well as in the determination of compatibility between people. New findings were forgotten until 1939, when Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and Valentina Khrisanfovna Kirlian discovered and documented the avalanche-like gas discharge visualization effect of coronary radiation in high-frequency electric field. The phenomenon was named for Kirlian effect and such a title it has retained until today. S.D.Kirlian created gas discharge fixing device, which significantly differed from their predecessors created installations. In the 20th century seventies German scientist, doctor Peter Mandel revealed the relationship between discharge photos and Foll’s electroacupuncture method and, using empirical methods, established a diagnostic method, which he also tested and proved in practice. Today, scientists using the latest scientific advances continue to work on a gas discharge visualization techniques. In leadership of russian scientist Professor Konstantin Georgiyevich Korotkov has created a gas discharge visualization camera (GDV Camera), which capture human bioenergetic radiation around the finger phalanx. Since 1977th German company "Biomed", manufactures and sells on the Kirlian effect-based equipment and software. Also the company “Инфорай” designs and sells on the Kirlian effect-based equipment designed for taking pictures of human fingers, toes and animal limbs.
Reference Trumsiņa, E., Kukle, S. Historical Analysis of Avalanche-Like Gas Discharge Visualization Effect. Material Science. Textile and Clothing Technology. Vol.5, 2010, pp.99-103. ISSN 1691-3132.
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