Dynamic Testing Method for Evaluation of Bioimplant Effect on Hematological Parameters
Alevtīna Leice

20.04.2011. 15:00, Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes Transporta un mašīnzinību fakultātē, Ezermalas ielā 6, 405.auditorijā

Jurijs Dehtjars

Jānis Vētra, Aleksandrs Urbahs, Igors Khlusov

The importance of the theses is related to the fact that practical application of bioimplants rapidly increases nowadays. At the same time, the early behavior of blood cells contacting with bioimplants is not clear yet. Nevertheless, the reactivity of blood cells is essential for providing biocompatibility. The aim of the study was to assess the effect of bioimplants on the dynamics of human blood cells and to elaborate a reliable method enabling to estimate the effect of bioimplants on the parameters of peripheral blood cells. For the first time: a novel dynamic method for detecting changes in blood cell behavior has been elaborated; significant (p < 0.05) early during the 1 h. contact changes (an hour) of healthy donor blood parameters related to contact with bioimplants are revealed; the effect of bioimplants on blood samples with values outside the referent limits was also observed. Practical significance: dynamic testing method will enable to assess biocompatibility (reactogenity — the ability of the bioimplant to evoke blood cell response).

evaluation of bioimplant effect on hematological parameters

Leice, Alevtīna. Dynamic Testing Method for Evaluation of Bioimplant Effect on Hematological Parameters. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2011. 97 p.

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