Optimisation of the Inductor Generator as an Autonomous Source of Power Supply

18.05.2011. 15:00, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Kronvalda boulevard 1 – 117

Vladislavs Pugačevs

Anastasija Žiravecka, Aleksandrs Mesņajevs, Zigurds Sīka

The present promotion work is devoted to the development of recommendations how to raise the energy efficiency of axial inductor machines on the basis of magnetic field investigations. The work presents the choice and substantiation of the methods of calculation of magnetic field. It describes the procedure of modelling of three-dimensional magnetic field and substantiates the objective function for the result analysis. Rational geometry of tooth zone of the inductor machine is also defined in the present work. The approbation of gained results is realized on the basis of under carriage inductor generator 2ГВ.13.2У1 produced in Latvia. The present promotion work is written in the Latvian language. It contains introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions, the list of references and 8 appendixes. In total there are 127 pages. The list of references includes 98 sources of information. The work is illustrated by 63 drawings and 26 tables.

induktormašina, magnētiskais lauks, optimizācija

Orlova, Svetlana. Optimisation of the Inductor Generator as an Autonomous Source of Power Supply. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2011. 127 p.

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