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# Authors Title Supervisor Field of research Izdošanas gads
1 Iveta Ozoliņa-Ozola EMPLOYEE TURNOVER CHALLENGES AND MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS AT COMPANIES Elīna Gaile-Sarkane Management - Enterpreneurship management 2017
2 Genadijs Zaļeskis Research of the Automation Tasks of the Wind Generators in the Low-power Microgrids Ivars Raņķis Power engineering - Alternative power supply appliances 2017
3 Sarmīte Janceva Research and Modification of Natural Polyphenols and Proanthocyanidins Extracted from the Deciduous Tree Bark Growing in Latvia for Production of Ecological Functional Products and Materials Tatjana Dižbite, Mārcis Dzenis Chemical engineering - Polymer materials and fiber materials technology 2017
4 Liene Plūduma Hydroxyl Ion Quantification in Hydroxyapatite and the Effect on the Biological Response Kārlis-Agris Gross Materials science - Biomaterials 2017
5 Lelde Timma Methodology for Socio-Technical Transition Research Andra Blumberga, Dagnija Blumberga Environmental science - Environmental engineering 2017
6 Sergejs Bratarčuks Assessment of Technical Condition of the Land Transport Structures and Objects Using Acoustic Emission Method Mukharbiy Banov Transport and traffic engineering - Road transport and infrastructure 2017
7 Jeļena Ziemele Multi-Perspective Analysis for the Transition towards 4th Generation District Heating Dagnija Blumberga Environmental science - Environmental engineering 2017
8 Linda Lancere Method for Regulation of Polymethyl Methacrylate Eye Prosthesis Wettability by Using Ultraviolet Radiation Jurijs Dehtjars Mechanical engineering - Mechanical engineering technology 2017
9 Anna Litviņenko Use of Chaotic Sequnces for Data Transmission Systems Elmārs Beķeris Electronics and telecommunication - Chains and signals 2017
10 Alīna Neščerecka Biological stability in chlorinated drinking water distribution networks Tālis Juhna, Frederik Hammes Civil Engineering - Heat, gas and water engineering systems 2017
394 items found, displaying 1 to 10.[First/Previous] 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 [Next/Last]