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1 Belief Conditioning under Various External Conditions Gaļina Kuļešova, Oļegs Užga-Rebrovs
2 Clustering Time Series of Different Length Using Self-Organising Maps Sergejs Paršutins
3 Correlation-Based Clustering of Streaming Time Series Representing an Acyclic Finite Process Aleksandrs Vališevskis
4 Enterprise Application Integration Problems, Approaches and Standards Jānis Kampars, Jānis Grabis
5 Evolutionary Algorithms in Crossword Design: Encoding Problems Arita Takahaši
6 Improvement Possibilities of Interval Value Prediction Using Kohonen Neural Networks Aleksejs Zorins
7 Modeling Real-Time Risk Management System Using Associative Approach Vladislavs Minkevičs, Jans Šlihte, Ģirts Vulfs
8 Preliminary Processing in System of Video Observation on the basis of Artificial Neural Networks Sergejs Jakovļevs
9 Processing Sociological Questioning Results Using Procedures of Robust Statistics Ieva Boļakova, Gaļina Kuļešova, Oļegs Užga-Rebrovs
10 Simulation-Based Analysis of Optimality GAP between Replenishment Oulicies in Supply Chains Gaļina Merkurjeva, Oļesja Večerinska
11 Software Agent Development: A Practical Experience Jurijs Čižovs
12 Spatial Data "Public" Portals Mārtiņš Bonders, Andrejs Ābele
13 Text Mining Using Hidden Markov Models and New Context Recognition Techniques Vilens Jumutcs
14 Time-Optimal Adaptive Control of Dynamic Systems based on Parametric Identification Aleksandrs Matvejevs, Andrejs Matvejevs, Ģirts Vulfs
15 Unsupervised Clustering of Time Series Representing Product Demand Anatolijs Sukovs
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