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1 The Generalized Dynamic Model of the Automobile Anatolijs Kobcevs, Zoja Fiļipova
2 Encoding Methods of Discrete and Analog Information Sources in Contemporary Digital Communication Systems (Review) Alberts Zeļenkovs
3 Springing Elements Hysterisis' Influence on a Dynamic Reaction Igors Voitovs
4 Channel Equalizing Efficiency Increase Using a Decision-Feedback Equalizer Instead of Minimum MSE Equalizer Aleksandrs Jeršovs
5 The Problems of an Air Conditioning of the Premisess Valentīna Urbāne
6 Determination of the Law of Distribution of Durability of Configuration Items under Operating Condition Jurijs Martinovs, Marina Zvančuka
7 The Legislation of Latvian Republic. A Health and a Computer Valentīna Urbāne
8 The Mechanical Device for Elimination of Defects Hip Joint Valērijs Ušakovs, Nataļja Sidenko
9 Models of Longitudinal and Lateral Motion of the Automobile Oļegs Borozdins
10 Modeling Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Sphere in CAD/CAE System SOLIDWORKS/FLOWORKS Valērijs Ušakovs, Pāvels Konons
11 The Use of the Statistical Approach for the Definition of Criteria of Estimation of the Timeliness of the Crew Interaction with Aircraft Control Systems Viktors Feofanovs
12 Casual Vibrations of the Structure of a Vehicle Anatolijs Kobcevs, Jeļena Naumoviča-Ratačova
13 Computer Simulation and Optimizing of Transport Terminal Productivity Sergejs Žukovs
14 Shock Impacts on a Vehicle in Motion Anatolijs Kobcevs, Svetlana Fiļipova
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