RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Airplanes Incident Analysis Because of Aviation Engineer Service Nikolajs Stasevičs, Natālija Smoljakova, Vladimirs Šestakovs
2 Implementing Queueing Systems Theory in Case of Self-Similar Input Traffic Sergejs Iļņickis
3 Microwave Propagation Model in Communication Channel Jeļena Čaiko
4 The Microproccessor Centralization System Restoration Algorithms Analysis Mareks Mezītis, Vladimirs Ļubinskis
5 Model of Microproccessor Centralization System for a Safety Level Estimation Mareks Mezītis, Vladimirs Ļubinskis
6 Punctured Convolutional Codes Eugene Golovin
7 Rail's Defects Registration and Identification Based on the Neurons Network Ludmila Sergejeva, Andrejs Spunītis
8 Software Agents Algorithm for Logistics Models of Power Supply Companies with Adaptation Nadežda Kuņicina
9 Spectral Method of the Modulated Signals Analysis when Projecting Mobile Communication Systems of GSM Standard Eugene Golovin
10 Modeling Telecommunication Systems in Case of Self-Similar Input Flow Sergejs Iļņickis
11 Possible Improvement of the Pairs Gasturbine Engine of the Locomotive Roberts Bubnovs, Jānis Greivulis
12 UHF Radio Wave Propagation through Woodlands in Cellular Mobile Communication Systems Valentīns Popovs
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