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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Antenna with Two Orthogonaly Polarised Beams Guntars Balodis
2 ATM Traffic Forecasting Problems Gunārs Lauks
3 Attenuation Due to the Rain for 23 GHz Microwave Hop's According to Latvian Rain Intensity Dmitrijs Serdega
4 Calculation of Magnetic Spectrum of Core from One of Material for Hogh-Permeability Mn-Zn Ferrites Sergejs Lomovs, Valentīns Jurševičs
5 Exact Solution of the Problem on the Vector Potential of a Rectangular Frame with Current Maksimiliāns Antimirovs, Ilona Dzenīte
6 Method Notes About Calculation of Q-Factor of Digital Resonator Peteris Misāns, Gints Linis, Normunds Veselis
7 Optoelectronics of Silicon Nanocrystals Talivaldis Puritis
8 Some Problems of Ray Tracing from Indoor Juris Ziemelis
9 Wavelength Division Multiplexing in Fiber Optic Communications Andris Ozols, Ģirts Ivanovs
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